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     Stitch Carpet Repair in the heart of Austin, TX., proudly serving Travis, South Williamson, and Hays County.  Stitch is a professional residential carpet repair company specializing in residential carpet repair, stretching carpet, and carpet patching. Focusing on just carpet repairs and carpet installation for the past 25 plus years has allowed me to gain considerable experience and knowledge. When you call Stitch Carpet Repair, You will talk directly to your carpet repair professional. You will always get straight answers to all your questions. All carpet repairs are performed by the person you spoke to.  You’ll never have to deal with any outside contractors or middlemen. 



     There are 1000’s ways to damage your carpet. Pets, kids, contractors, carpet cleaners, water, and remodeling can all cause carpet damage. The majority of the carpet problems can be fixed using various professional methods, saving you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing them.  One of the most common repairs is carpet patching, whether the carpet has pet damage done by a dog or a cat trying to dig out from underneath a door, leaving a hole in the doorway carpet. Or fraying edges at a transition, bleach stains, burns from hookah coals, and so on. All of these can be patched.  Carpet Patching is the process of cutting out the damaged area of the carpet and replacing it with a suitable donor piece. The donor piece can come from the leftover carpet from the original installation or a closet. For more information on Carpet Patching, please visit the carpet patching page.


     Another common carpet repair in Austin is stretching loose carpet. The process of re-stretching carpeting is by detaching the carpet from the tack strip. Then stretch the carpet from one end of the room to the other, Re-attaching the carpet to the tack strip then cutting off the excess carpet, making the carpet much tighter. Re-stretching will all so remove waves, buckling, and wrinkles. A power stretcher will is always used when stretching the carpet. Power stretching will produce a much tighter stretch than using a knee kicker. Carpet installed correctly will never need stretching again. For more information on carpet stretching, please visit the carpet stretching page. And for more information about other carpet repairs performed by Stitch Carpet Repair, please visit the carpet repair page.


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