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    Pet damage from your dog or cat is the most common reason for a carpet patch. But here are some other common problems that can be fixed with a carpet patch home remodeling, bleach stains, holes, fraying, burns, stains, rips, and much more.



     What is carpet patching?  Carpet Patching is the process of cutting out the damaged area of carpet replacing it with a good piece of the same carpet.  For the carpet patch, you will need a spare piece of the same carpet. If there are no leftover pieces from the original installation, we can take a donor piece from a closet or from under a piece of furniture. Keep in mind that carpet does fade over time, so there might be a slight difference in color.  I can replace the donor piece with a random piece of carpet. I do carry small random pieces of carpet to put back into those areas for no extra charge, but they will not match your carpet. The color of the carpet I usually carry on my vehicle is beige. Sorry, I do not supply large carpet pieces. You are more than welcome to go out and try to find a piece that matches your carpet, but it can be very difficult to find something that matches exactly.


    Patching carpet requires training, experience, and proper tools to make it look as good as possible. I use an induction heating system instead of the traditional hot iron. With this technology, your carpet patch looks better and is more durable. I NEVER use glue guns, pressure-sensitive tape (sticky tape), or a hot carpet iron over carpet for patches. Pressure-sensitive tape and double-sided carpet tape are only meant for temporary carpet repairs and will NOT last.  Glue guns are messy, and if not done properly, the patch will look bad and not last.  Putting a hot carpet iron over a cloth on top of the carpet can leave a light sheen on the carpet or, worse, melt it. And in most cases, it doesn't completely melt the seam tape and will come apart over time.


      Will the patch be invisible? It's very hard to say if the carpet patch will be invisible. There are a lot of variables to this question. If the carpet is newer and has not had a lot of traffic, then the patch will blend in very nicely. On the other hand, if your carpet is worn and or dirty, the patch will show. Having the carpets professionally cleaned after having the carpet patch done will help a great deal with how it looks. If you have plans to have your carpet cleaned, I recommend having your carpet cleaned after the patch has been done, not before. The carpet can be cleaned right after the patch has been done.


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