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        Stitch Carpet Repair is delighted to offer you our expert repair service for all types of carpet damage. All work is completed using the latest available equipment to make sure my customers get the best possible results.  Carpet stretching and patching are only just two of the repairs that I offer. But that's not the only carpet repairs I do.


     If the carpet has come away from the threshold or the wall, I can repair this. Many things cause this problem.  The carpet may have been pulled up, the carpet has just worn out, or the tack strip has broken free from the floor.  In some cases, tack strip or Z-bar will need replacing, or worn-out carpet may need stretching or a patch. For more information on carpet stretching or carpet patching, please visit the carpet stretching or carpet patching pages.


     If you have plans for remodeling or have a project that involves pulling back, cutting, and or removing the carpet, please call before doing this. I’ll be happy to advise on how to do this without doing too much damage (Advice is free). Or we can set up an appointment to have this done. Taking just a little more care and time when cutting and pulling back the carpet will make it less expensive and look a lot better when the carpet is put back together.  Just ripping up carpet can shred the backing, destroy carpet transitions, corners, pull seams apart, and or snag Berber carpets.  Never just cut into carpet if you plan on putting it back together. Use a row cutter to cut the carpet to reduce damage to naps or loops. If you don’t have a row cutter, cut with a slotted double-edge carpet knife with a new blade. Make the cut straight as possible. If you are replacing the old flooring or carpet in one area with new flooring leave extra carpet at the doorways 2 to 3 inches is good.  This will make for a cleaner and better-looking carpet transition to your newly installed flooring.


    The carpet and padding on the stairs will always wear out before the rest of the carpet. The carpet on the stairs can just be replaced. But to replace the padding on the stairs, you will need to replace the carpet as well. You can only install the carpet once on a staircase. The carpet on the staircase is very difficult to rip off and then put back without doing any damage to the carpet.



    Torn carpet and seams can also be repaired in most cases. Each seam repair is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to give me a call to discuss the problems with your seams. If the carpet seam is coming apart due to delamination, there is very little that I can do to make it look good. There are short-term fixes for a delaminating carpet, but there are absolutely no guarantees on how they will look or how long they will last. In most cases, the carpet just needs to be replaced. Suppose you have plans to have your carpet cleaned. It’s recommended to have this done after repairing the carpet.


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Here are some of Stitch Carpet Repair services.

 • Carpet Stretching


• Carpet Patching


• Pet Damaged Carpet Repair


• Attach the carpet to newly installed flooring


• Small Carpet Repairs


• Home Remodeling / Built-in Carpet Patching or stretching


• Ripped Carpet Repair


• Repair Carpet Threshold


• Replace Z-Bar


• Re-secure carpet when pulling away from doorways


• Re-secure carpet detached from the tack strip


• Berber Carpet Repair


• and Much More


Thank you for visiting the Stitch Carpet Repair your Carpet Stretching and Carpet Patching expert. If I can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me at 512-800-0917.