Questions and Answers about Carpet Repairs, Carpet Stretching, Carpet Patching, and Carpet Installation

Frequently asked questions about carpet stretching.


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Q: Why does my carpet have waves, ripples, wrinkles, bubbles, or just feels loose?




A:   1: Improper installation of your carpet. Some carpet installers will use a knee kicker instead of a power carpet stretcher. Carpet stretchers will produce a much tighter stretch than using a knee kicker. Why do carpet installers use knee kickers? Speed, an installer can kick in a room faster. Cost, a kicker cost $65, and a stretcher cost $450.




 2: Improper carpet cleaning and over-wetting the carpet or going over areas too many times with cleaning equipment can cause delamination (separation of secondary backing).




 3: Extreme wear and or just the age of the carpet.  Carpet generally has a lifespan of 5 to 20 years, depending on the quality of the carpet.




 4: Heat and humidity, extreme temperature changes can loosen the carpet over time.






Q: Can delamination (separation of secondary backing) be fixed?




A:  NO. That is why it is extremely important to use an experienced professional carpet cleaner.







Q: Does my furniture need to be removed from the room to stretch the carpet?




A:  Normally No. Your furniture can be moved from one side to the other if needed.         






Q: How long does it take to stretch a room?




A:  It depends on the amount of furniture and the size of the room. 20 min. to an hour is a good general estimate.







Q:  Do I clean or stretch the carpet first?




A:  The carpet should always be stretched first then cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.







Q:  Why do waves, ripples, wrinkles, bubbles look darker than the rest of the carpet?




A:  Waves, ripples, wrinkles, bubbles tend to get more wear from shoes and feet scuffing them. It is common to see wear or dirt marks after the carpet has been stretched. In most cases, the marks come out with carpet cleaning.






Q:  What can I do to make my carpet last longer?




A:  1: Have your carpet professionally installed. Make sure that a power stretcher is used.




 2: Vacuum as much as you can.




 3: Avoid wearing shoes in the house. Shoes track in dirt, oil, and other unwanted things in your home.





 4: Clean stains as quickly as you can and only use products made for cleaning the carpet.




 5: Always use professional carpet cleaners. I have seen everything from the carpet being stain to being soaked, causing delamination. Not removing all the shampoo from the carpet will make the carpet sticky.




 6: Scotch-guard your carpet when you get the carpet cleaned.





Q:  I think I can stretch the carpet myself. How much would it cost to rent the equipment?




A:  Recent prices for renting the equipment I use on an average stretch job at a big box store: stretcher $28, kicker $16, razor knife $7, blades for the knife $13, Carpet Knife $17, extra things you might need iron $16, electric stapler $18, seam tape $11, electric staples $8 total amount of $117 for one-day use. And your time.




Frequently asked questions about carpet patching.




Q:  What is a carpet patch, and how is it done?




A:  Carpet patching is the process of removing the damaged area of the carpet and replacing it with a donor piece.






Q:  Where do you take the donor piece from?




A:  The donor peace can come from the leftover carpet from the original installation. If there is no leftover carpet, we can usually take it from a closet, or in the worst-case scenario, we can take it from underneath a piece of furniture.




Q:  What will go back in place of the donor carpet?




A:  I can put a new piece of carpet in its place. I do carry small random pieces of carpet to put back into those areas for no extra charge, but they will not match your carpet. You are more than welcome to go out and try to find a piece that matches your carpet, but it can be very difficult to find something that matches exactly. I usually carry beige carpet on my vehicle. Sorry, I do not supply large carpet pieces.






Q:  Will I be able to see the patch?




A:  In some cases, you’ll never see the patch, and other times you will see it. It is very difficult to say whether you will be able to see the patch.  Several things will affect how the patch will look, the style of the carpet, the length of the nap (carpet fibers), the age of the carpet, how faded the carpet is, how matted down the carpet is, and how dirty the carpet is.





Q:  Can Berber carpet be patched?




A:  Absolutely







Q:  How small or how big can a patch be?




A:  From 1 inch to as big as needed.







Q:  My seam looks bad. Can it be fixed?




A:  Sometimes, it depends on the reason the seam looks bad. Remember, NO seam is ever invisible. If the seam was properly done by an experienced installer, it should be less noticeable. There are many different styles of carpets, and each one seems up different. High-pile carpets seams are less noticeable. Tight short pile carpets are more noticeable.






Frequently asked questions about carpet installation and re-installation.




Q: I'm going to or had my foundation repaired. Can the carpet be put back down?




A:  Yes. In most cases, there are never any issues with reinstalling the carpet. It is very important to have seams properly taken apart. If the seams are not properly taken apart, there's a chance that the seams will not look good when they are put back together.






Q:  Can you come out and cut the seams and pulled back the carpet before the foundation work begins?




A:  Absolutely






Q:  I have a carpet that has been installed once before.  Can it be reinstalled in my house?




A:  Sometimes it can. It's done on a case-by-case basis.  It is much more difficult to reinstall carpet because it's been stretched, cut to size, and seamed. Suppose you have used carpet. Never bend it in half to store it. If the carpet is bent for a long time, it may leave a crease. Sorry, I don't do this type of work.





Q:  Will I see the seam in the carpet?




A:  NO seam is ever invisible. If the seam is properly done by an experienced installer, it should be less noticeable. There are many different styles of carpets, and each one seems up different. High-pile carpets seams are less noticeable. Tight short pile carpets are more noticeable.










What is the difference between Stitch Carpet Repair and the others?




Stitch Carpet Repair has over 20 years of full-time experience in just carpet installation and repair. Stitch is NOT a carpet cleaner or handyman.




Most of the others are carpet cleaners or handymen that do some carpet repair as a small part of their biz.




When you call Stitch, you speak with Sam, the contractor that will do the work, so you get direct answers.




When you call some of the others, you speak with a guy that knows very little about carpet repair or carpet installation, and you just don't get the answers to your questions.  Some of the responses you'll get from them are I think I can do that, I think he can do that, maybe he can, I have a guy, let me call my guy, my guy will call you to set a time.




Stitch Carpet Repair is located in the heart of Austin and services the radius between Georgetown / Round Rock / Pflugerville down to San Marcos / Buda. From Cedar Park/ Leander down to Dripping Springs and over to Hutto / Manor and surrounding areas.




Some of the other guys are located in San Antonio, Houston, or somewhere in California and get random guys to do the work.




TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS Stitch Carpet Repair has ALL the tools to install or repair any carpet.


Tools can cost a lot of money, and many guys just don't make the Investment in proper tools.  Some guys use a knee kicker for $95 for stretching.


Stitch uses a power stretcher for $750. Almost all the others use a simple carpet iron for $90 for carpet repairs.


Stitch uses a $595 iron designed for carpet repairs and difficult seams. And the list goes on.

And I repair the other guy's bad carpet repairs.


And I repair the other guy's bad carpet repairs.


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